How to Care for your Hand-Made SutiSana Products

SutiSana products are made of quality materials that should last you many years if cared for properly. Below are some suggestions on how to care for each of your products.

Leather, Suede or Cowhide Products

Examples: Funky Collection, Classic Leather Collection

Leather is, in a sense, a living material: it will change over time. With that being said, there are a few ways to make sure your leather ages beautifully over time.

To clean filth, take a dry towel and wipe away as much of the grime as possible. Then apply a wet towel, and if that doesn’t work, an unscented non-abrasive bar of soap should do the trick. Follow this up with another damp cloth. Leave your leather out of the sun to dry on its own. Using a toothbrush can be very effective.

If your leather becomes waterlogged, do not attempt to dry the material manually (i.e. dryer, hair dryer). Instead, lay the leather out in a cool dark room and let it dry on its own. Keeping it out of the sun and heat is crucial.

Distressed leather can be brightened up with a professional leather conditioner. Many great leather creams and waterproofing substances are available on the market.

Leather/Wool Combination Products

Examples: Classic, Fundamental, Modifier

Leather can be cleaned per instructions above, and wool can be spot cleaned. Do not saturate leather/wool combinations with water.

Wool Products

Examples: Coin Purses, Makeup Pouches

Handwash wool in lukewarm water and air dry. Wool may shrink in a washing machine or dryer, but colors should not run.

Acai Products

Acai seeds are dyed with vegetable dyes and sealed with an acrylic sealant. However, if exposed to excessive moisture, vegetable dyes may run. Keep away from water and store in a dry, cool place.

Cotton Products

Example: Market Totes, Se Llama Llama T-shirts

Machine wash in cold water and machine dried on low heat. Cotton totes and T-shirts may shrink slightly but colors should not run.

Cotton/Polyester Blends

Examples: Dulce or Hepburn Dresses, Cardigans, Drape Sweater

Machine wash in cold water and dry inside out on low heat. Product should last dozens of washes before any noticeable pilling.

Zippers and Hardware

Please contact us regarding any hardware failure. We are working towards quality standards of 100% hardware satisfaction and hope to respond to any complaint in this regard.