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Currently all international volunteer opportunities are coordinated through our founder, Word Made Flesh, though volunteers teams may work closely or completely with SutiSana. Read more here:

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You can order a Market Tote with your own logo with a minimum order of 100 bags.
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Start by becoming an expert on the issue: check out these excellent resources. Don’t forget – fighting trafficking isn’t always about a dramatic rescue. Check out Get Involved and write us if you’re interested in volunteering with us, even without leaving your home. Simple actions make a real difference.

Aguayo is a weave unique to the Andes – vibrant and resistant enough for everyday use. Even today, many women in El Alto fill the cloth with their groceries and tie it over their shoulders. It is a symbol of traditions reaching back centuries, and even symbolic of life itself.
We’re incorporated the fabric into many SutiSana creations, as a nod to the beauty and wisdom of the region. As the cloth is woven from 100% pastured sheep wool, it may contain natural inconsistencies.

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